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Sun Valley International School
Sun Valley International School

Sun Valley International School

Sun Valley International School


Our Academic Facilities

Academic achievement is important because it prepares students for future careers. It also allows students to enter competitive fields.

In 16 years of its service SVIS has carved a niche for itself in the region for its good academic record.

Session 2018-19 witnessed a 100% pass result in both X and XII boards. In class X 79 students scored above 90% while 27 students scored above 90% in XII science and commerce streams. The school topper in class X & XII scored 98.8% and 97.2% respectively. State of the art labs, and other requisite facilities and individual care by teachers at SVIS provide students with best environment which is conducive for the learning process.


Classroom Facilities Children spend nearly a quarter of their student's life in the classrooms. Keeping this in mind our classrooms are spacious and airy providing all facilities and modern teaching aids like computers, internet as well as LCD projector.

Each classroom is specially designed with furniture suitable for individual study as well as group work. It also offers space for storing children's belongings, books and other study material. It includes a dust free writing board, display board, variety of charts, maps and other visual learning/teaching aids. Class strength is limited to ensure individual guidance and instructions.


Library FacilitiesBooks are a vast source of wisdom and knowledge. It is indeed rightly said that the books are a man's best friends.

To strengthen this friendship between a child and knowledge, Our school offers a wide range of books in its well-stocked libraries. Sun Valley can boast of seprate Library for Primary and Secondary sections with books ranging from Text books to Fiction to Encyclopedias. Apart from this, a variety of story books and novels adorn the book shelves at our Libraries. To keep the students abreast with what's going on in the World, about 40 periodicals have been subscribed. To support teaching and learning experiences through multimedia, the library proudly own CDs of all classes for all subjects. Inquisitive minds are trained to research on the projects assigned to them by searching relevant information from books and multimedia in library. Autobiographies of great men and leaders provide an opportunity to students to draw inspiration from them. Reading habit is further encouraged by allotting library period to each class every week to which the students look forward to enthusiastically.